An adventure in Aruba is most often found in a discovery of the unexpected. The sophistication of our leeward side is rivaled only by the dramatic natural and historic sites that can be found throughout the island. The back roads of Aruba take travelers past eerie rock formations, cacti and our famous divi-divi trees. Dive under the sea, and you are transported to another world, one populated by numerous tropical fish, bountiful coral and even a shipwreck or two.

Complementing a day of discovery is a night of excitement with action to be found in the island’s casinos, showrooms and nightclubs. Pair an evening escapade with a visit to one of our many fine restaurants and enjoy a gourmet dining experience in Aruba’s relaxed atmosphere. One of our greatest assets, however, is our people, whose warm, welcoming smiles greet visitors at every turn; who gladly share their island and its unique culture, well displayed in folkloric festivals and art exhibits. We invite you to find out for yourself why Aruba remains one of the top tourism destinations in the Caribbean.

Local Weather by Month

Month High Low
January 87ºF 76ºF
February 88ºF 76ºF
March 88ºF 77ºF
April 89ºF 78ºF
May 90ºF 79ºF
June 90ºF 80ºF
July 91ºF 80ºF
August 92ºF 80ºF
September 91ºF 81ºF
October 88ºF 78ºF
November 88ºF 78ºF
December 86ºF 75ºF


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